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Helping farmers understand the root cause of their crop mortality rates and how to reduce them wherever possible.

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About Agxactly

AGXactly is an agriculture informatics company that provides specialty row crop cultivators with the ability to reduce their crop losses by 33%. We accomplish this by leveraging aerial imaging, proprietary algorithms and a very simple customer user interface.


To make impactful technology accessible to all farmers worldwide and help the world reach new heights.


To reduce crop loss rates and put more money in farmer’s pockets while increasing the volume of food in our food supply chain.

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Fly an acre, give an acre

Fly an acre, give an acre

5,918.17 acres

To date, Agxactly has flown over and analyzed a total of 5,918.17 acres. Which means we'll be giving 5,918.17 acres to undercapitalized farmers in underprivileged communities around the world, as part of our #flyanacregiveanacre initiative.

Crops saved to date

Tally of crops saved

2,043,888 individual plants

Using state-of-the-art crop counting algorithms, data collection solutions and a team of skilled, agritech experts, we are able to give farmers an exact count of the numbers of crops in their fields, as well as the health of those crops. Via our customer dashboard, farmers can also see how many crops have been lost after a certain procedure was performed. They can see, for example, that after weeding a field, they generally lose 10% of the crops in that field.

Using this loss and event data, farmers can adjust their methods, and see how much their adjustments lowered their crop losses.

AGXactly has helped save farmers $2M+ while bringing forward a 20x return on their investment so far.

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The latest posts from the Agxactly LinkedIn page appear here (updated in realtime). Information about the state of the ag industry, as well as crop counting contests often appear in our LinkedIn feed, so please check it out!


“The AGXactly team helped us gain enormous value from our fields in order to help us make actionable decisions about our harvests. In addition to understanding any problems we had in the field, weeks before the naked eye, AGXactly enabled us to get accurate stand counts and precise yield projections. This helped us forecast sales and maximize revenues. AGXactly is the best drone imaging and analytics company out there”

Mike Scattini
Owner (Luis A Scattini & Sons)